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This is very stupid to say: Hackers are NOT cyber criminals.

If you are paranoid about cyber criminals and want to be 100% safe: Use a Computer/laptop NOT connected to the internet, disk encryption and local encrypted backups on drive and these encrypted files you can upload via another computer (or Phone) to whatever crappy cloud service you want to use ma'm!

But remember, Hackers are NOT cyber criminals, that's like calling car-mechanics 'terrorists' because some terrorists tweak their cars to explode.

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Well good point. You've got to remember she's in her 70's and it's mediated through some journalist sooo ...

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That's why I was surprised she had a PC connected to the internet. I always figured old-writers using those electronic typewriters, because paper and ink is easier on the eyes. Still it's not hard to stay of the internet with a laptop/pc.

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Yeah. I also suspect this whole hacker story might be an exaggeration.